XtraSun Metal Halide Lamps


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XtraSun Metal Halide Lamps are your clear choice for HID lamps that provide long-lasting and reliable operation is Xtrasun. Our Xtrasun Metal Halide (MH) lamps are engineered specifically for use with both magnetic and electronic ballasts.  Available in your choice of 4200° Kelvin (Natural White) and 7200° Kelvin (Sky Blue) color temperature, they consistently provide intense light in the correct spectral range for energetic vegetative growth. Xtrasun lamps offer exceptional performance and feature high quality components.

Do not handle with bare hands.  If you need assistance in determining if this bulb is right for your set up give us a call and we will be happy to assist you!

*Correlated color temperatures will fluctuate pending which bulb is purchased.

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Wattage - Kelvin Rating

250 watts – 4200K, 400 watts – 7200K, 1000 watts – 7200K


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