Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier


Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier is a non-drying, sticky compound that forms a barrier against climbing insects. Made of all-natural ingredients and listed by the Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic gardening.

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Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier

Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier is a sticky, caramel colored paste made from natural gum resins, vegetable oil and wax. When applied as a continuous band around the trunks of shade trees, fruit trees, plants or vines, it creates a barrier that effectively entraps or repels destructive climbing insects.

The combination of ingredients is non-toxic to insects, humans, pets and the environment. Tree Tanglefoot works strictly in a mechanical fashion. Barriers should be inspected frequently during the insect season. A build-up of debris or insects will create a bridge for other insects to cross. Remove and reapply if necessary.

Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier is effective against crawling insects who must reach the tops of trees in order to feed, mate, or deposit eggs. Such insects include cankerworms, gypsy moth caterpillars, army and tent caterpillars, ants, obscure root weevils and pecan weevils, tussock moths and climbing cutworms. It is a part of their life cycle that they crawl up the trunks of trees to mate and deposit eggs. Other insects simply crawl up the trees to feed on their buds, leaves and fruit, consequently devastating the tree. Tree Tanglefoot Pest Barrier provides the perfect solution to protecting your valuable trees and reducing future populations of these pests. As the insects climb up over the sticky material, they become trapped without escape. Best of all, the action is strictly mechanical – no pesticides or harmful chemicals are involved..

Wrap Tanglefoot Barrier band around trunk. On rough bark trees plug all gaps under band with cotton batting or similar material. Do not apply directly to young, thin-barked trees or to bearing fruit or nut trees. Apply Tanglefoot Insect Barrier on banding material using a putty knife or disposable paddle to spread 3″ (7.62cm) by 1/16″ (1.59mm) thick. When sticky areas become covered with insects or debris, remove banding and repeat. Remove bands at end of season.

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