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Tiresias Mist is a new product from Dr. T’s Remedies. This product, used in conjunction with the directions, allows growers to produce feminized seeds. Tiresias Mist® is safe, effective, and a reliable alternative to other methods that have disappointing results. One bottle provides enough solution for one branch that will produce female pollen. That pollen is then delivered to the flowers of a plant which in turn produces seeds. Because only female genetics is involved you will produce only feminized seeds.

Tiresias Mist is a naturally occurring mineral mixture that allows growers to isolate a branch of a female plant and enable it to produce male characteristics (i.e. pollen sacs).  Because the genetics originate from a female plant, you will only have feminized seeds.

Save Your Strain!!!
Always female seeds… No more guessing involved
No more waiting weeks for deliveries
A tap root from a seed will produce higher yields
Store seeds for future use and crop timing
Easier to transport seeds vs seedlings or clones
Be your own mad scientist, create your own genetic strains

Tiresias Mist allows for even the most amateur grower to produce their own feminized seeds. The active ingredient in Tiresias Mist is safe and effective. A one ounce bottle will treat one branch of a plant to produce feminized seeds on the same plant, or to produce genetically female crosses with other plants. What you are doing using Tiresias Mist, is taking a female plant, treating one branch and enabling that one branch to create male characteristics i.e. pollen sacs. You can then take the pollen from that branch and pollinate the flowers of the rest of the plant to produce seeds that will, 100% of the time, be feminized.

You may also want to experiment by using the pollen from one plant to pollinate a different plant creating perfect genetic crosses while maintaining the 100% female seeds. Male seeds are impossible because the pollen still carries over the female genetics. This is different from using a hermaphrodite method as there is no risk in carrying over the hermaphrodite trait to the seeds while using Tiresia’s Mist.

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