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North Country Organics Stress-X is a soluble Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed extract. It provides plants with trace elements and natural growth hormones that greatly improve health, growth, and resistance to stress related problems. There are 16 trace elements considered essential to plant life; few, if any, are available in conventional fertilizers. Most soils have an abundance of these micronutrients, but they are in rock mineral formations that are relatively unavailable to plants. The trace minerals in seaweed are naturally chelated (bonded) within organic compounds that are more easily broken down by plant and soil systems. Plants are very sensitive to doses of trace elements and there is a fine line between too much and not enough. Seaweed, like other living plants, contains a natural balance of these elements, making it an ideal supplement. Seaweed also contains mannitol, a natural chelating agent that can “unlock” unavailable minerals from the soil.

Trace minerals are a relatively small benefit from using Stress-X compared to the advantages from its growth hormone content. Natural hormones such as cytokinins, gibberellins, and auxins help plants in numerous ways:

Stress: Research has shown that plants treated with seaweed extract are less susceptible to environmental stress conditions. In many cases, trial plants still grow under extremely stressful conditions. Tests show greatly enhanced resistance to stress from drought, heat, and from internal physiological stress such as germination and flowering. Recent research shows this to be especially true for recreational turf.
Growth and Development: Experiments have proven that seaweed significantly improves the growth and development of all parts of a plant, from the roots to the flowers. Some tests show increases of 2-3 times the root dry matter content compared with control plants (those plants not treated).
Seed Germination: In all cases tested, the speed of germination and the percentage of seeds germinated were significantly increased whenever seaweed extract was applied.
Diseases: Scientists have noted that seaweed, due to its cytokinin content, positively affects the resistance of plants to diseases. The applied cytokinins apparently allow the plant time to increase its resistance to the disease.
Insects: As early as the 1940’s, there were reports that the hormones in seaweed could be valuable in controlling certain insect pests. Experiments have shown that seaweed can increase certain plants’ resistance to aphids, flea beetles, mites and nematodes. Non-scientific trials noted increased resistance to other insect species as well.
Shelf Life: Research on various types of fruits and vegetables grown with applications of seaweed extract indicate a significantly longer shelf life than the controls with which they were compared.
Senescense: It is suggested that the hormones in seaweed inhibit senescence (aging) of plants and their produce. Inhibiting the rate at which a plant ages has incredible implications including greater production, longer ornamental value and increased propagation potential. Seaweed has been shown to increase the lifespan of annuals and decrease the dormancy period of most perennial plants.
ROOTING: Scientists report that root growth is significantly improved whenever seaweed extract is applied, whether as a foliar spray or applied to the soil or rooting media. It has also been shown to accelerate absorption of plant nutrients by root systems.
CHELATION: Seaweed contains mannitol, a natural chelating agent that has been shown to make available micronutrients within the soil that would otherwise be inaccessible.
SUGAR CONTENT: Experiments have shown significant increases in sugar content of various fruits and vegetables from applications of seaweed extract.
ENZYMES: Seaweed extract provides micronutrients essential to plants for the production of catalytic enzymes. These enzymes are critical in almost every function of a living plant from photosynthesis to reproduction.

In addition to all these benefits, Stress-X is biologically active and when introduced to the soil it stimulates the procreation of beneficial microorganisms. The result is accelerated growth, increased fruiting and flowering, intensified coloration, and significantly less need for pest and disease controls.

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis
Soluble Potash (K2O)………..15%
Derived from seaweed extract.


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