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SLF-100 is a commercially proven enzymatic formula with over 18 years of proven success. It is a 100% organic and OMRI listed formula specifically designed to break out salts. Used as a cleanser for hydroponic systems and soilless media SLF-100 goes to work immediately to keep your system running smooth and free of toxic build up. It is effective in all phases of the growing cycle and is compatible with all nutrients, fertilizers, rooting compounds, and H202. Thanks to a proprietary blend of naturally occurring enzymes, SLF-100 is PH neutral in concentrated form and has NO added sugars or NPK.

Application Rates
Soilless Mix: 1 tsp per gallon of water. Apply thoroughly once a week.
Hydro: 1/2 tsp per gallon of water. Apply after feeding/change-out.
Flush: Up to 3x recommended rate for immediate break out. Apply thoroughly once a day for three days.

Read About How Enzymes Work Courtesy of Maximum Yield

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