SolisTek Metal Halide 600 Watt DE 6K Blue Lamp


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The SolisTek Metal Halide 600 Watt Double Ended 6K Blue Lamp provides the absolute optimum spectrum used for vegetative growth to encourage tighter node spacing and bushier plants. SolisTek double ended lamps feature premium quartz glass for enhanced spectrum and penetration to your plants which results in higher quality and yield.


Weight 2.0000
Manufacturer SolisTek
Lamp Wattage 600W
Lamp Color 6K Blue
Lamp Style Double Ended
Lamp Type Metal Halide

SolisTek High Frequency MH offers:

-Color Enhanced Full Balanced Spectrum
-Less depreciation of PAR and lumen output over time.
-Precise Gas Combination for Increased Blues, Reds & UV
-True High Frequency Technology & Proper UV Balance
-Advanced HID Lamp Design for Prolonged Lamp Life
-Designed for Commercial Applications
-Made for Quality, Consistency & Yield

Wattage Lumens umol
600W 58,000 800

SolisTek lamps contain enhanced UV Spectra. Exercise caution when working around any HID lamp that contains UV, always wear protective lenses.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 16.5 x 2.8 x 2 in


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