Solar Revolution 4

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Rotate 1 to 4 lights in a circular path with the ultra  heavy duty Solar Revolution 4.



The Solar Revolution 4 circular light mover will increase grow light efficiency by directing light into the plant canopy at different angles more commonly known as SHADOW-SHIFTING, and will reduce heat over the canopy because the lights never stand still over any one part of the garden. Less heat and higher lighting efficiency means healthier plants and higher yields by as much as 10 to 15%. The Solar revolution 4 does not minimize the number of lights required over a garden but in turn will enhance the overall effectiveness of the lights. Remember, the average garden requires greater than 50 watts per square foot for heavy fruiting plants. The Solar Revolution™ is built to fit in almost any grow room application; from 4×4 to 6×6 to 8×8 garden space.

Benefits of the Solar Revolution

• heavy duty drive motor

• heavy duty microswitch rated to last for years • heavy duty bearings and housing

• all-aluminum arms for strength and light weight

• whisper quiet operation and design

• extremely low profile, compact design provides maximum plant-to-light clearance

• No need to cut your lamp cords because no hard wiring is necessary!

• extremely versatile–the unit can run one, two, or four lights with the same motor

• the Solar RevolutionTM runs 355 degrees in one direction then reverses and runs 355 degrees in the opposite direction, providing complete blending of metal halide and high pressure sodium light

• light reflectors are easily adjusted both vertically and horizontally

• when used properly, the Solar RevolutionTM will dramatically increase garden efficiency and plant performance

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 10 x 50 in


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