Supreme Growers Simply Silica Big 50


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Simply Silica Big 50

Grow the perfect garden with Supreme Growers Simply Silica. A premium Potassium Silicate supplement that helps build better soil that can help a plant’s tolerance against environmental stress, heat, cold, drought, water and soil toxicity or deficiency. Potassium Silicate is an excellent source of soluble silicon for plants and a chloride-free source of potassium that promotes stronger stems for heavy harvests. Silica is a naturally alkaline product and is safe to use as a smart alternative to pH up. Supreme Growers is dedicated to the ethical development of natural resources by providing quality products for a better, cleaner more sustainable garden. Benefits:

  • Decrease environmental stress
  • Improve stem strength for heavy harvests
  • Harmonize nutrient uptake and distribution
  • Reduce negative effect of excess nutrients and salt
  • Chloride-free Safe for reservoirs and nutrient holding tanks

50 ounce jug

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