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Advanced Sensizym Powerfully Cleans Roots and Rootzone Debris!

Advanced Sensizym is a super concentrate of over 80 different enzymes, each having specific functions that enhance plant and root growth (Our competitors use only a small amount of enzymes, 12 or less). Enzymes can do in seconds & minutes, what would take normal plant functions days and weeks to accomplish. Sensizym breaks down dead root mass, starches, carbohydrates and nutrients which accelerate plant growth as well as assist beneficial Bacteria growth. Sensizym enzymes help to catalyze water and assist the transfer of water elements to specific sites.

When you want to deliver a guaranteed effective enzyme formula to gardeners, you have to get enzymes that have been specially extracted in professional bioengineering laboratories. Scientists in these labs grow huge amounts of beneficial soil microbes (the kind that manufacture the enzymes your plants need), and then they ferment those microbes to get concentrated doses of enzymes. After that, the enzymes are tested individually and together to ensure that they have maximum shelf life, viability and effectiveness in the root zone.

Putting it all together for you, there’s now an easy way for you to enhance your roots, put more nutrition into your plants, promote floral growth, and break down dead organic material in your root zone. As you prepare to get some 100% organic Sensizym and bring all these benefits into your garden, there’s one other interesting fact that growers have discovered using Sensizym. According to what we’re told by growers, and confirmed by gardeners as well as plant scientists, is that Sensizym does such a good job of decomposing root zone debris that you can reuse root zone media such as rockwool and coco coir. This saves you money and time, because you don’t have to buy root zone material as often. You don’t have to buy it and then pre-treat it as often. Nor do you have to dispose of it as often.

So get yourself Sensizym and give yourself the root zone benefits that translate into, vigorously-growing, maximum-yielding plants. When you go to your store to get your enzyme formula, rest assured that Sensizym is the only one with such a broad range of bioactive, concentrated enzymes specifically researched and found to be perfect for your root zone.


  • Feed beneficial microbes
  • Save money on root zone materials
  • Breaks down dead material in your root zone
  • More nutrition for vigorous growth and maximum yield

Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients
Beta-Glucanase…………………………..10 units/ml
Cellulase……………………………………850 units/ml
Xylanase……………………………………200 units/ml

Use 2ml. per liter during weeks 1 through 6 of the bloom phase.

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250 ml., 500 ml., 1 liter, 4 liters, 10 liters, 23 liters


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