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Rootbastic is a versatile nutrient booster that will create fast and vigorous root production. It will make plants stronger and healthier and is ideal for after-planting stem cuttings when the first roots are visible.


  • Super concentrated
  • Creates explosive root production
  • Combination of high NPK bio stimulants and bio minerals
  • Increases resistance to environmental stress
  • Ideal for after planting stem cutting when the first roots are visible

Application Rates
Rootbastic is a super concentrated root stimulator with a combination of high NPK  bio-stimulants and bio-minerals which creates explosive root production. Start using RBS when the roots are approximately 2 inch long. This will occur during the first weeks of the rooting stage when you have done your cuttings. After this, you can still add Rootbastic during the first three weeks of plant growth. Keep your base nutrients low as in the rooting stage adding Rootbastic will primarily stimulate your root production. Begin with the minimum dosage and gradually increase to maximum strength. Add 0.3 ml to 1 ml of Rootbastic per 1 US gallon of water (0.1 – 0.3 ml per 1,000 ml) in your reservoir.

Note: Rootbastic can be used in all growing media and in combination with all feeding methods. This product will increase the PPM (parts per million) of your nutrient solution.


Do I still have to use a pH stabilizer when I start using Rootbastic together with the A & B parts in my reservoir or when I hand water my plants?
Yes, because the pH needs to be between 5.8 and 6.5 to get the most out of your plants. It is always wise to check the pH and adjust it, if necessary.

Is Rootbastic is compatible with any base nutrient. 

When is the best time to measure this?
Every day (prior to giving Rootbastic to your plant).

Does RBS contain beneficial bacteria?
No, Rootbastic does not contain any beneficial bacteria. Instead it contains food beneficial to micro organisms, as well as plant food.

What should the EC be in my total RBS solution and in the A & B parts?
EC 0.8 / 0.9

How do I increase the dosage?
Increase 0.3 ml per week. You can increase the dosage by 0.3 ml per week, up to a total of 1.1 ml (depending on the growth of the roots). We recommend using a low dosage of 0.3 ml because this is a product with a high PK.

Where and when is the best way to measure the EC if I am growing in soil, hydro and coco medium?
Regularly measure the water as well as the medium you are growing in. When using coco or soil medium, use 1 part media and 1.5 parts osmosis water to measure EC. With Rockwool you could measure the drain directly.

What is in Rootbastic?
It is a combination of high PK and micro nutrients. phosphoric acid, potassium hydroxide, nitrogen, Ascophyllum nodosum, and Laminaria digitata.

Are ingredients (like seaweed) cold processed?
Yes they are. These ingredients: cold clay and kelp.

When can I start using Rootbastic?
You can start using Rootbastic when the roots have reached approximately 2 inch in length. The reason a cutting or seedling grows roots to begin with, is because it is in survival mode. It is searching for food. It completely defeats the purpose if nutrients/RBS are added to a cutting/seedling before it has developed a root structure or “a mouth”, if you will. Save it until the plant needs it!

How can I see if my little plant is having problems when using Rootbastic and the A & B parts? Are there any visible signs?
You will see it in the plant’s growth and in the roots’ growth. The leaves will hang down and become curly when there’s too much.

Why are my plants encountering root growth problems, or even the small plants when using Rootbastic with my A & B base nutrients?
Wait until the roots start showing (are normal size).

When shall I continue giving Rootbastic when my plants do have a problem?
The directions state for 3 weeks. This is too short a time frame to start using Rootbastic again. We advise flushing the plant first, and then starting over. 3 weeks is the best period of time to help your young plant create super roots!!

In which growing media should I use Rootbastic to get the best results?
All media will give good results when using Rootbastic.


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