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Put Your Plants In Peak Condition with Advanced Revive!

Advanced Revive (1 – 0 – 0) puts your plants back into peak condition. Revive helps you maintain premium hydroponics crops providing your plants what they need for robust photosynthesis, respiration, full ripening of flowers, and vigorous growth. Use Revive to ovoid weakened stems, discolored leaves or slow growth.

Heal Your Plants And Give Them The Best Chance Of Survival…
After hundreds of different tests and experiments with our types of plants in a variety of hydroponics garden types including rockwool, coco coir, aeroponics and soil this team of scientists determined a specific blend of nutrients and healing ingredients… delivered as fast as possible… is the best way to ensure your plants survive and rejuvenate when they’re in trouble. After extensive research, experimentation and extensive testing, the team at Advanced Nutrients developed their exclusive REVIVE formula. REVIVE is an easy to use formula that works with all types of gardens… can be added to your hydroponics solutions or used in a foliar spray… AND… is specifically created to rejuvenate the types of high-value plants we grow. The proprietary formula rushes highly-chelated iron, zinc, calcium, nitrogen and other crucial nutrients directly into your plant’s cells to give them the maximum healing power they need…

Guaranteed Analysis
Total Nitrogen (N)……….1.0%
0.6% Nitrate Nitrogen
0.4% Urea Nitrogen
Calcium (Ca)……….1.0%
Magnesium Mg)……….0.5%
0.5% Water Soluble Magnesium (Mg)
Iron (Fe)……….0.3%
0.3% Chelated Iron (Fe)
Derived from calcium nitrate, iron EDTA, magnesium nitrate, urea

Use 5 ml. per liter of water to correct deficiencies. Repeat after 1 week if required.
Foliar Spray: Use 3 ml. per liter. Repeat after 1 week if required.
As Part Of A Regular Feed Program: Use 1 ml. per liter. Repeat after 1 week if required.


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