Plant Science Concepts Tri-Pak


Each Plant Science tri-pak comes with a 2oz. sample size bottle of the Plant Science OSA/28, the Plant Science Deep6 Root Carbon, and their ColonyX beneficial microbes. These three supplements can be added to any nutrient regimen for explosive results!

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Plant Science Concepts Tri-Pak

Interested in trying out all three supplements from Plant Science Concepts without breaking the bank? The Plant Science Concepts tri-pak is the answer. Each tri-pak comes with a 2oz. sample size bottle of the OSA/28, the Deep6 Root Carbon, and their ColonyX beneficial microbes. These three supplements can be added to any nutrient regimen for explosive results! More on each product….


Plant Science OSA★28 Plant Available Silicon (as monosilicic acid) strengthens cell walls, increases nutrient uptake, and helps plants handle all kinds of stresses. Other silicates are not bioavailable and take time+microbes to become plant available. This makes OSA★28 the fastest option for delivering silicon directly into the plant cell walls! Silicon also has a synergy with calcium in building better plant structure. Many growers see increased calcium response when feeding with OSA★28.

Silicon is the second most abundant element in the earth’s crust. It is now known to be essential for optimal plant growth, health and production. Silicon in the soil isn’t available (as various silicates). Plants can only absorb silicon as monosilicic acid (individual molecules). Orthosilicic acid is the stabilized form that transforms into monosilicic acid when mixed in clean water. Silicon chemistry is quite tricky so purity of ingredients and manufacturing excellence are necessary to get a stable and effective product to you.

OSA★28 is manufactured in-house by our staff Ph.D chemists in the USA with domestically sourced ingredients. This means lower cost, fresher product, and more quality control. Monosilicic acid is tricky to make since it requires complex reactions to produce a stable product. OSA★28 is shelf-stable and has higher concentrations than competitive products but at a much lower cost.


Plant Science ColonyX is the most concentrated microbial inoculant in the world that helps build strong roots, protect the rhizosphere and optimize growth media. Every gram of healthy, productive soil contains about 500 million microbes. Microbial diversity and balance is critical in balancing nutrient cycling, rhizosphere defense systems, and maximizing plant growth.

ColonyX contains billions (10-20 BILLION!!) of diverse microbes per ml of liquid solution. The diversity of hundreds of strains of natural soil microbes–bacteria, fungi and protozoa–guarantees rapid population and productivity of your root zone.

Deep6 Root Carbon:

All life as we know it is built on a framework of carbon. The root zone (rhizosphere) expands rapidly in the presence of carbon by supporting beneficial microbial growth on the roots. Carbon builds plant structure, stimulates microbial communities, and helps growing mediums work better.

Deep6 contains high-concentrations of pharma-grade organic acids. These essential carbon-based compounds are processed from single-celled algae, crushed and pre-digested using natural enzymes without heat. We mimic natural soil processes for all ingredients to keep the form and balance that plants and microbes easily identify and use.

Robust microbial populations are the key to quality of end product. As microorganisms eat carbon compounds they create secondary metabolites–amino acids, anti-septics, anti-biotics, phyto-hormones and a host of other beneficial plant substances. This is the ultimate partnership that drives all life on earth.



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