Phat Duct Mufflers


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Shut Up Your Fans With The Phat Muffler!

  • Aluminum outer shell—extremely lightweight and rustproof means easy hanging or fan attachment.
  • Glass fiber instead of acoustical foam —glass fiber has a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 85% versus 50% for foam.
  • End flanges with inner taper of 45 degrees versus a flat 90 degrees with other brands to further eliminate sound. The inner taper of the flanges helps prevent sound waves from escaping.
  • Inner mesh holding with expansive open-air perforations—allows the maximum amount of sound waves to enter the thick bed of glass fiber where the sound is transformed into heat as it passes through each glass fiber.
  • Comes in large and mini sizes—mini sizes give you an option in a tight space where you don’t have enough room for the standard size, and are twice as Phat as the standard models, giving you more sound attenuation in a small package.

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6" x 13", 8" x 30", 10" x 35"


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