Silicic acid is very important for optimal plant health. Countless studies over the last couple decades from around the world show how silicic acid helps growers build stronger plants,optimize crop nutrition, plus increase yields and quality

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OSA28 contains Stabilized orthosilicic acid which is a small group of silicic acid molecules suspended in solution. When added to water, these molecules break apart into monomer form — this is how silicon becomes immediately and rapidly available to plants.

Benifits of using OSA28…

Faster Growth: Under fast growth conditions like indoor gardening, plants need constant resupply of essential elements. Every second nutrients are unavailable slows growth. Silicic acid works in many ways listed here to increase the transport and utilization of minerals, proteins and transports systems to ramp up growth.

Tighter Node Spacing: Countless studies show silicic acid affecting plant structure. It’s one of the most visible and quickest effects growers report. Silicic acid builds more rigid and compact cells. It also helps convert more nitrates into proteins, which impacts node spacing and increases flowering sites.

Increased Nutrition: As silicon accumulates in cell walls, it concentrates and hardens. The nutrient transport system (xylem/phloem) is strengthened and expanded, increasing sap pressure and making heavier nutrients like calcium move better through the plant. More nutrients mean more essential building blocks.

Greater Yields: All plants accumulate silicon to some degree. Rice for example, up to 10% of dry weight! Flowering plants like tomatoes and cannabis closer to 2-3%. Since silicon is twice as heavy as nitrogen and almost 3x carbon, a small amount of silicon contributes to large gains in yield.

Stress Resistance: Silicic acid is shown to establish powerful stress resistance factors when plants face tough conditions. It also helps with osmoregulation (water usage), making the plant more resistant to stresses like drought, heat, cold, and other environmental stresses.

Lower Production Costs: OSA/28 is up to 63% cheaper than other silicic acid products. We pioneered new manufacturing techniques and sourced clean American-made ingredients to cut costs. We want to empower the grower. Soon as production levels make sense, we will find ways to lower costs even more.

Dosage and Feeding Instructions…

Root Drench: Add 0.5 ml. per gallon. A single 4 oz. bottle mixes up to 200 gallons of nutrients! A Little OSA/28 goes a very long way!
For best results feed OSA/28 2-3 times per week thoughout veg. and bloom.
Foliar Feeds: Feed 4 ml. per gallon (or 1 ml. per quart) and apply on both the top and bottom side of the foliage when the lights are off.

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