Gardening Indoors with Soil & Hydroponics


Gardening Indoors; the Indoor Gardener’s Bible
by George Van Patten
200 pages, pap.

The updated version of an indoor gardening staple. Full of advice, directions, and tips for the best indoor gardening results. Features chapters on garden rooms, lighting, systems, air quality and much, much more.

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Gardening Indoors with Soil & Hydroponics

by George F. Van Patten, provides instructions on how to garden with Rockwool indoors, as well as background information on the growth medium.

Inside the Book

  • Step by step guide to achieving 20 to 50% higher yields with Rockwool
  • Step by step instructions to make your own Rockwool hydroponic garden
  • How to make plants grow faster and more lushly in Rockwool
  • How to grow the absolute biggest flowers in Rockwool
  • How to monitor pH and EC of the Rockwool nutrient solution for incredible results
  • Specific growing tips from professional growers
  • How to choose the perfect Rockwool garden that fits your unique needs
  • Examples of the latest tools to use with Rockwool

128 pages

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