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HydroDynamics Ionic PK Boost (0 – 5 – 6) is a nutrient supplement designed to be used during the middle/later stages of the flowering period. PK Boost allows the grower easy control of the extra phosphorus and potassium that can lead to bumper yields. PK Boost is an ideal addition to Ionic Bloom, but it can also be used very effectively with any good quality nutrient solution of the BLOOM variety.

Ionic PK Boost is specially formulated to deliver the key elements phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in a pure form that is readily available to the plant. These crucial ingredients are used in abundance by plants in the flowering cycle and the extra levels provided by PK Boost can lead to larger flowers and much heavier crops.

Ionic PK Boost was also designed to top-up levels of minerals that are usually in short supply in hydroponic tanks. After analysis of hundreds of nutrient samples Growth Technology has developed a very clear understanding of what plants take up, especially during the flowering cycle. Ionic PK Boost will replenish the missing elements and restore an ideal tank balance for optimum plant performance.

Ionic PK Boost Features

  • Fully formulated solution – based on research and analysis
  • Contains full profile of crucial elements needed for heavy flowering
  • Highly concentrated
  • Easy to use – once a week for early flowering, and twice a week for the final three weeks before flush

Guaranteed Analysis
Available Phosphate (P2O2)…..5%
Soluble Potash (K2O)…..6%
Derived from monopotassium phosphate and potassium hydroxide.

If a nutrient solution is properly formulated, why is there a need to add Ionic PK Boost?
A well-formulated BLOOM nutrient will give excellent results and for many people that is enough. However crops nearing harvest have a high demand for certain crucial elements, potassium in particular, and a vigorous crop can reduce the amount of available nutrients in the tank very quickly. Even if the conductivity is being properly maintained the level of these crucial elements in the tank can decline very fast. Ionic PK Boost is an easy way to maintain an ideal level of the specific nutrients that plants need to produce truly heavy crops.
Why do you need Ionic PK Boost in the flowering stage?
Mainly because of the incredible potential of flowering crops to uptake certain minerals from the tank. Ionic Bloom is precisely formulated to provide the right balance of nutrients to support intense flowering and will give excellent results on its own. However flowering crops have a high demand for specific elements, potassium for example, and a vigorous crop can reduce the amount of them in the tank very quickly. Even if the conductivity is being properly maintained with stock solution the level of potassium in the tank can decline very fast. PK Boost is an easy way to maintain an ideal level of the specific nutrients that plants need to produce heavy crops. In our experience a lot depends on the size of the tank. If it is small with respect to the number and size of plants involved then the need for Boost is greater. In almost all situations the regular application of PK Boost will enhance flowering and increase yields.
Is Ionic PK Boost designed to work specifically with Ionic Bloom nutrients?
Well it is certainly designed to work well with any of the Ionic Bloom formulations, but it will also be a superb addition to any good Bloom nutrient.
People sometimes call Ionic a beginner’s nutrient. Why is that?
Presumably because it is so easy to use. Only one bottle to worry about and no hassles with pHbasically fool proof, which means great results for first time growers. However it is important to remember that Ionic is a professional formulation from a commercially oriented company. Once is it diluted and in the tank it is 100% complete. There are no shortcuts or compromises in this solution and it is equal to, or better, than anything else on the market. To be sure it is great for beginners but many experienced growers around the world use it for great results.
Growers love single-part nutrients because they are easy to use, are there any other advantages?
Yes, of course there are. The macro elements are locked together in large molecules in exactly the right ratio for plant growth. This technology makes the single part possible & it also ensures that the target NPK ratio is exactly right to the point that the plants take it up. This allows us to be far more precise than we can be with the old multi-part nutrients.
I thought multi-part nutrients were better than single-part nutrients?  Why is Ionic different?
Two & three-part nutrients are offered to prevent certain elements from being mixed together in a single bottle, which without the proper engineering, causes these nutrient components to “lock up”, becoming unusable by the plant.  Ionic premium plant nutrients incorporate a unique single-part technology wherein the macro elements (NPK) are locked together in large molecules.  This innovative large molecule concept allows Ionic to deliver specific elements such as calcium and magnesium, without the huge & unnecessary level of anions that are usually necessary in other single-part nutrients. This means a significantly higher percentage of the mineral ions in the nutrient solution are available for the plant, resulting in faster, more productive growth while the solution remains stable & balanced, resulting in fewer reservoir changes as well.
Why is the pH so stable in Ionic?
This is a result of the manufacturing process, unique to Ionic, which creates large molecules containing the key macro elements.  They are thus partially buffered and become much less reactive in terms of pH. For many people the pH stability is the chief advantage that Ionic offers but they wouldn’t use it if they felt that yield or quality were to be compromised.
Why should I trust Ionic premium plant nutrients over other brands?
Ionic premium plant nutrients are blended to exacting standards with the purest ingredients in our state-of-the-art mixing facility, right here in the USA. Each & every batch of nutrients we blend is sampled, tested & certified for consistency & uniformity by an independent laboratory before a single ounce of Ionic is placed in a bottle. Ionic premium plant nutrients have been faithfully manufactured to the same high standards since 1997, as growers around the globe continuously rely on Ionic premium plant nutrients’ efficiency, consistency, value & reputation.

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