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General Organics Diamond Black (0 – 0 – 1) is derived from 100% pure mined leonardite, a naturally occurring form of carbon drawn from prehistoric peat bogs. Containing an exceptionally high percentage of plant-active humates, Diamond Black supports beneficial microbial activity in soils and increases micronutrient availability. Diamond Black can be added to all kinds of garden soils and potting mixes and used with a wide variety of plants during all phases of growth. Veganic formula – free of animal products.

Guaranteed Analysis
Soluble Potash (K2O)…..1.0%
Derived from: Potassium Hydroxide.
Also contains non plant food ingredient  humic acids (6.0%) derived from leonardite.
Derived from potassium hydroxide

Application Rate
Potted Plants: Mix 1 tablespoon of Diamond Black per gallon of irrigation water.
Lawn, Garden, and Yard Plants: Mix ½ cup of Diamond Black in 5 gallons of water and water freely; apply throughout growing season (4-8 times per year) or apply 4 ounces (1/2 cup) per 1,000 square feet 4-8 times throughout the growing season with a hose end sprayer or other liquid applicator.

Learn more about humic acid courtesy of Maximum Yield.


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