Gardening Indoors with Cuttings




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Gardening Indoors with Cuttings

Gardening Indoors with Cuttings, by George Van Patten, helps customers do just what the title says: garden indoors with cuttings. Considered an interesting read by novice and long-time gardeners alike!

Inside the Book:

  • Step by step guide to growing perfect cuttings
  • How to grow a disease-free garden
  • How to experiment to achieve highest yields
  • How to control temperature, humidity, and lighting with ease
  • How to build a misting chamber
  • How to take common cuttings such as softwood, hardwood, semi-hardwood, leaf, root, division, air layering, plus grafting and more
  • How to choose between the latest rooting hormones
  • How to set up a perfect environment for cuttings
  • How to take cuttings with 100 percent results

96 pages

George F. Van Patten puts more than thirty years of gardening experience at your fingertips with the Gardening Indoors Series. His expert advice has helped hundreds of thousands of gardeners turn simple, yet effective indoor gardening techniques into bountiful gardens. He has owned and operated landscape businesses and a retail garden center which gives him the hands on experience necessary to explain exactly what you need to grow the best indoor garden possible. Look for his books, Gardening Indoors with CO2, Gardening Indoors with Cuttings, Gardening Indoors with Rockwool, and Gardening Indoors with HID Light. He resides in Washington state where he continues to write and garden.

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