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Extreme Gardening Mykos is a fast-growing, friendly fungi that is needed to break down, cycle, and retain nutrients, which provides plants with a balanced intake of food, moisture and a front line of defense against pathogens and disease. This greater nutrient availability leads to a ‘xplosive root and plant growth, and an ‘xceptional harvest.  Remember, bigger roots equals bigger fruits!

Mykos works fast and creates strong roots in most of common plants. Mykos is a single species of Endo mycorrhizal fungi, Rhizophagus intraradices, eliminating any type of root competition. Why Endo mycorrhizae? Because ecto mycorrhizae has no beneficial effect on vegetables, fruits, flowers or herbs.

What are mycorrhizal propagules? Propagules are an average count of spores, hyphae, & root fragments per gram. The more propagules that are available per gram ultimately decreases the amount of inoculant needed to achieve a successful root colonization. You may ask yourself why root fragments are considered a part of the propagule count. Endo-mycorrhizae form a symbiosis within the root cell, compared to ectomycorrhizal that just stays external. Endo-mycorrhizae produce spores from within the roots and hyphae, all viable sources of mycorrhizae that can colonize your root system upon application.

Mykos helps new plantings, reducing transplant shock by stimulating root growth and making more nutrients available. Mykos forms hyphae which increase the root mass resulting in more absorption of nutrients and moisture. The fungal network can transport nutrients over large distances and deliver them directly into the root cell. Plants supply Mykos with energy in the form of carbohydrates that are produced during photosynthesis. Individual plants are connected with other plants through this mycorrhizal network, and can share nutrients, sugars and water.

Applied to the roots at the time of planting, bored down, top dress and deep water into the root zone of existing plants; Mykos creates a “sponge-like” mass around the root system helping roots pull up more nutrients and water!

Mykos protects your plants against drought & heat stress. As well as keeping harmful pathogens from making root contact. Mykos can also improve the soil structure both in clay soil and sandy soil. Mykos also helps break down organic compounds and convert them into plant available plant food.

Mycorrhizae also release a glue-like substance into the soil (Glomalin) which improves water storage and capacity, leading to lower watering costs. Although ideal for use on all plants, mycorrhizae are especially beneficial toward: tomatoes, herbs (thyme, basil, sage, etc.), pumpkins, beans, bulbs (all), squash, cantaloupe, carrot, celery, corn, cucumber, garlic, leek, lettuce, melon, onion, peas, potato, strawberry, and grape varietals.

Mycorrhizal fungi are ancient in origin and the benefits are boundless. Pound for pound, mycorrhizae provide plants with the greatest possible benefit for the smallest amount of input. With a single inoculation, mycorrhizae are capable of transforming the ordinary garden into something Xtreme!

Mykos has been used to break the last 10 World-Records for ‘Xtreme plant growth, including a 2,261.5 lb. pumpkin in 2016!


  • Rhizophagus intraradices – 300 propagules / gram
  • Can increase yields & secondary metabolites
  • Improves efficiency of nutrients & water
  • Enhances root structures for added uptake capabilities
  • Great for vegetables, fruits, herbs & flowers
  • Fastest & most aggressive colonizing mycorrhizae



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