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Emerald Harvest Honey Chome is derived from premium quality ingredients, and designed to enrich your high dollar crops with phenomenal fragrance and enhanced oil production during floral development. It’s a resin producer extraordinaire! Honey Chome is fortified with a boost of all three primary macroelements: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Plants reach their maximum genetic potential and achieve killer harvests with proper nutrition. The extra N, P and K in the bottle encourage crop potency and productivity for vigorous growth and fruiting.


  • Cultivate phenomenally fragrant buds, with enhanced essential oil levels
  • Infuse the root zone with beneficial bacteria
  • Enable the cultivation of plants that smell and taste as good as they look

Emerald Harvest – Honey Chome also contains naturally derived carbohydrates from sources such as palm sugar and agave nectar. While providing a reserve of energy and sweetness in the upper plant, carbohydrates also nourish beneficial microbes in the root zone. Microbial inoculants, in turn, assist your plants in blowing up root mass, resulting in greater nutrient uptake for increased flower development.

Use Emerald Harvest – Honey Chome as a supplement to your favorite base nutrient series during the vegetative and flowering phases for extraordinary results.

Application Rate
Directions: ml of product per liter of water
Early Vegetative: 2.0 ml
Late Vegetative: 2.0 ml
Early Flowering: 2.0 ml
Mid Flowering: 2.0 ml
Late Flowering: 2.0 ml
Do not premix nutrients. Fill the reservoir with water first and then add nutrients. Monitor plants for signs of stress when following a more aggressive feeding program. Suitable for all plants grown hydroponically.

Guaranteed Analysis: 
Total nitrogen 0.5%
0.5% nitrate nitrogen
Available phosphate 0.5%
Soluble potash 1.0%
Magnesium 0.5%
Derived from magnesium nitrate, monopotassium phosphate, and potassium sulfate.
Also contains non-plant food ingredients:
2.0% cane sugar (microbe food)
1.0% palm sugar (microbe food)
2.0% agave nectar (microbe food)

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