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Nurture your plants with Emerald Harvest Emerald Goddess, a vigor boosting premium plant tonic. We’ve included the goodness of earth-friendly, natural ingredients, so your hydroponic plants get the right nutrients from diverse, crop-ready sources. Encourage your plants to grow and flower profusely with Emerald Goddess. Emerald Harvest uses only the finest ingredients, because your plants—and the Earth—deserve it!


  • Treat your plants to vitamin B1 and a multitude of rich, natural compounds
  • Feed your plants humic acid for better nutrient uptake
  • Accelerate your plants’ well-being in your fast-growing hydroponic garden

Emerald Harvest has taken Mother Nature’s best naturally occurring elements and other components and refined them into a superlative one-shot addition for monstrous yields in your garden. Chock full of nothing but the finest all natural ingredients such as alfalfa and seaweed extracts, Emerald Goddess includes additional macronutrients, vitamin B1 and humic acid. These are the building blocks that will enable your plants to grow strong and flower abundantly.

For example, humic acid acts as a natural chelator, which helps your plants uptake micronutrients more efficiently, so that they get the most benefit from your feeding program. In fact, all of the ingredients in this hand-mixed formulation are included with a specific purpose in mind—to encourage strength, vitality and productivity in your high-yield high dollar hydroponic crops.

Emerald Goddess summons the best harvest by putting the best nutrition in your garden, without any chemicals or additives that harm the Earth (or your values). Use Emerald Goddess as a supplement to any Emerald Harvest base nutrient series from early growth through the flowering phase for guaranteed professional results.

Guaranteed Analysis
Total nitrogen 2.0%
0.1% ammoniacal nitrogen
0.8% nitrate nitrogen
0.1% other water soluble nitrogen
1.0% urea nitrogen
Available phosphate 1.0%
Soluble potash 4.0%
Also contains non-plant food ingredients:
0.1% humic acid derived from leonardite
0.01% vitamin B, (thiamine) derived from thiamine mononitrate
Derived from potassium nitrate, monopotassium phosphate, urea, kelp extract and alfalfa meal.

Application Rate
Directions: mL of product per liter of water
Early Vegetative: 2.0 ml
Late Vegetative: 2.0 ml
Early Flowering: 2.0 ml
Mid Flowering: 2.0 ml
Late Flowering: 1.0 ml
Do not premix nutrients. Fill the reservoir with water first and then add nutrients. Monitor plants for signs of stress when following a more aggressive feeding program. Suitable for all plants grown hydroponically.

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