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Earth Tonic – Super Charged Sea Mineral Liquid Concentrate Contains literally ALL elements found on planet Earth. All of them. Give your plants everything – over 90 elements instead of the standard 17. Why would Mother Nature make an element not needed in the garden?

Derived from 100% Organic Materials – Live Ocean Water, Himalayan Crystal Salt, the BioDynamic Preparations (BD502-508) and enhanced using proprietary energetic techniques.

Seven times more concentrated than seawater alone, there cannot be a more concentrated solution. 1 ml / gal = 100ppm. Can be used at higher concentrations than conventional fertilizers due to its natural balance. Makes compost tea or any biological situation (soil, compost pile, etc.) work better. Microbes use elements as tools, or co-factors, to make enzymes that allow them to do their work.

Growing a garden without Earth Tonic is like hiring someone to build a house and only giving them half the tools. Makes fertilizers work better. We tend to think only about how elements affect the plant directly, but elements also work together in balance to make themselves more available. In other words, without ALL elements present, the plant and garden are working harder than necessary and cannot grow to its full genetic potential.

Makes soil amendment and other biocatalysts work better. Products that contain vitamins, enzymes, carbohydrates, amino acids, humates, or any other natural product – cannot work properly without ALL of the elements produced by Mother Nature present.

Inspired by the work of Dr. Maynard Murray, who documented his work with sea minerals in the landmark book Sea Energy Agriculture, and the great Charles Walters who authored the pioneering book Fertility From the Ocean Deep.

Pests are attracted to unhealthy plants by infrared vibrations according to the work of Dr. Phil Callahan. Earth Tonic allows the plant to grow within itself and not attract target pests, but also works to repel them. Pests are natures recyclers, and cannot digest complete proteins. When plants have everything they want they can protect themselves.

Guaranteed Analysis
Sodium (Na)……….11.0%
Derived from sodium chloride.
Chlorine Cl) – not more than 15%

Outdoor Media:
Add to reservoir at 1 – 10 ml. per gallon with every reservoir change.
Compost Tea:
Use 60 ml. per 5 gallons of water on every fresh brew.
Leaf Wash:
Use 5 – 20 ml. per gallon of water once or twice a week.
Use as a seed soak per gallon of water at every watering or as needed.


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