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Earth Kelp (0 – 0 – 0.6) is a triple concentrated and fortified with living sea minerals. No harsh chemicals or heat are used in extracting the goodies from inside the cell wall. We use a patented cellular infusion process to extract the kelp components of Earth Kelp. At the same price as competitors and many times the concentration of its competitors, Earth Kelp is an amazing product with an incredible value. Try it today!

• Contains pure Ascophyllum nodosum sea kelp combined with living sea minerals processed using zero heat and zero chemicals. Bath your garden in the ocean and watch it explode!
• Most liquid kelps are diluted significantly, many are as low as 1-2% actual kelp. Earth Kelp is up to THREE times the concentration of leading industry kelps at 9% kelp solids.
• Powerful natural source of beneficial plant growth hormones – cytokines, gibberellins, auxins. Used at higher concentrations Earth Kelp works similar to many synthetic plant growth regulator (PGR) products on the market. Except it’s completely natural.
• Before it is processed kelp is not available to plants. In other words, seaweed on a beach is not available for plants until the cell wall is broken, exposing the beneficial compounds found within. Most liquid kelps are created using harsh chemicals and heat. Earth Kelp is extracted using a patented cellular infusion process using ZERO harsh chemicals or heat.
• Earth Kelp contains trace amounts of potentialized sea minerals, allowing for a liquid kelp on an entirely new level. Kelp “fixes” many aspects of the ocean that are not found there, such as the element Iodine (I). Kelp and ocean water complement each other perfectly in order to bring maximum success to your garden.

Garden Analysis
Soluble Potash (K2O)……….0.60%
Derived from Sea Kelp.

15 ml. per gallon of water
Hydroponics: 5 – 15 ml. per gallon of water
Foliar: 2.5 – 5 ml. per quart of water sprayed twice weekly
Compost Tea: 60 – 120 ml. per 5 gallons of solution



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Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 2 x 8 in


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