Nectar For The Gods Demeters Destiny


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Many production problems originate with too much nitrogen and potassium and not enough available calcium and phosphate. Nectar For The Gods Demeters Destiny (0 – 0.5 – 0) to the rescue. Calcium is the “queen-king” of all nutrients, aiding enzymatic action, feeding soil microbes, improving nutrient availability and cell wall integrity, encouraging solid stem growth (vs. hollow in a calcium-deficient situation) and preventing stem breakage. Calcium promotes smooth, sweet, aromatic produce, and generally leads to healthier, more vigorous growth.

Guaranteed Analysis
Available Phosphate (P2O5)……….0.5%
Calcium (Ca)……….4.0%
Derived from calcium phosphate.

Shake well before use. Soil Drench: Mix 1 tsp. per gallon of water, adjust pH to 6.4 and apply every time you feed.

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