Plant Science Concepts Deep 6




Plant Science Concepts Deep 6

All life as we know it is built on a framework of carbon. The root zone (rhizosphere) expands rapidly in the presence of carbon by supporting beneficial microbial growth on the roots. Carbon builds plant structure, stimulates microbial communities, and helps growing mediums work better.

Deep6 contains high-concentrations of pharma-grade organic acids. These essential carbon-based compounds are processed from single-celled algae, crushed and pre-digested using natural enzymes without heat. We mimic natural soil processes for all ingredients to keep the form and balance that plants and microbes easily identify and use.

Robust microbial populations are the key to quality of end product. As microorganisms eat carbon compounds they create secondary metabolites–amino acids, anti-septics, anti-biotics, phyto-hormones and a host of other beneficial plant substances. This is the ultimate partnership that drives all life on earth.

4 0unce mini-jug

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