Bluelab pH Controller


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Bluelab pH Controller

The Bluelab pH Controller offers hands-free monitoring and dosing of solution pH levels.


• Automatic control and monitoring of system pH with reservoirs up to 200 US gal/760 L
• Plant-safe green back lit LCD with adjustable brightness
• Large, easy to read displays
• Easy to navigate menu to program and adjust settings
• Simple push button pH calibration with on screen guide
• Flashing high/low alarm with control lockouts
• Dosing lockouts to protect from over-dosing
• Auto resume dosing on restart after power loss
• Water resistant, wall mount design
• 13 foot (4 meter) acid/alkali resistant dosing tube supplied
• Use with undiluted Bluelab pH Up or Down
• International power supply
• Replaceable double junction pH probe
• Separate Bluelab Temperature Probe (for pH ATC)
• Replaceable peristaltic pump and tubes

Probe Tips

• All probes are interchangeable between all Bluelab products
• All probes carry a 6 month warranty
• Proper hydration of ph probes is vital to maintain wick
• All PH probes eventually need to be replaced—they can only house so much reference solution
• KCl storage solution is required for optimum probe maintenance
• RO water will reduce probe life

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 8.2 x 4.2 x 7.7 in


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