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Maximize Potential With BioAg Ful-Humix!

Humix is a soluble, concentrated humic powder and powerful soil/nutrient activator. It increases nutrient efficiency and uptake, increases cellular activities at all levels, stimulates beneficial microorganisms and converts raw organic matter and fertilizers into available forms for faster uptake. In the root zone it reduces the uptake of sodium, aluminum and other metals that negatively effect plants. Ful-Humix will also buffer the soil with organic biopolymers, thus preventing tie up of nutrients and trace elements (through chelation and complexing). At BioAg our thoughtful manufacturing methods retain the efficacy of the parent material leading to a high bio-stimulation effect. OMRI LISTED!

Ful-Humix is a cost effective soil amendment that adds soluble carbon to your soil. Itʼs sourced and processed for superior effect in the gardening industry. Regularly use throughout the plant life cycle, especially in greenhouse or outdoor soils. Water into compost pile. This package makes 2250-4500 gallons of ready to use solution.

What is Ful-Humix? Ful-Humix is a premium humic/fulvic powder made by BioAg. Average contents contained in Ful-Humix in dry form is 75%+ total humic acid(s,) including both humic and fulvic fractions. However listed guarantee is by the CDFA method which discludes the fulvic fraction.

Why add Ful-Humix to my fertilizer program? Ful-Humix concentrated humic/fulvic powder is a powerful soil conditioner that will help maximize your outdoor gardening potentional. It increases nutrient efficiency and creates a healthier growing environment, resulting in stronger plants. In geek speak, it buffers the soil with organic colloid biopolymers, preventing tie-up caused primarily by chemical salts reacting in an inorganic form. Included in this action is a significant increase in solubility of bound phosphorous and chelation of micronutrients. Additionally, Nitrogen leaching is reduced, keeping it in the root zone longer and out of our water tables. Plants can grow within a larger pH range when humic acid(s)are present because of its ability to hinder precipitation of elements across the range. Not only are elements made more available, but coupled with increased respiration and chlorophyll production, utilization and uptake of nutrients is catalyzed resulting in accelerated growth and health of the plant.

How does Ful-Humix effect soil biology? Ful-Humix adds carbon. Carbon is not only essential for balancing the carbon to nitrogen ratio, but is also invaluable for maintaining an optimum microbial community. It has been demonstrated that humic and fulvic acids in Ful-Humix stimulate beneficial soil bacteria and fungal biomass and activity.

Also Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredient: 50%………humic acid.
(Derived from Cretaceous Period fresh water humic substances.)

Seed Soak:
1/4 tsp per gallon; soak tomato seeds 72 hrs, cabbage & squash 48 hrs, potatoes 12 hrs, and most other vegetable seeds 24 hrs before planting. Water seedlings at transplanting with same rate.
Containers: 1/8 – 1/4 tsp per gallon every watering
Hydroponics: 1/8 – 1/4 tsp per gallon of nutrient solution used in reservoir (use with every reservoir change; top-offs can be charged with half to quarter normal rate).
Beds/ Lawns (Broadcast): 1-3 ounces per 1000 square feet applied every 2-6 weeks during growing season.
1/4 tsp -1 gm 1/2 tsp – 2 gm
Note: Insoluble sediment can be composted, used on landscape or in a soil mix. Does not replace fertilizer. Use with fully formulated nutrient(s). Exceeding application rates can cause irregular growth such as twisted leaves. BioAg is not responsible for damage caused by improper use.


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