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BioAg Ful-Power is a superior fulvic acid that is preferred by growers because of its ease of use, high bioavaiability, and supreme chelating action. Purified by our revolutionary biological processing method, Ful-Power is a premium fulvic product that is compatible in all systems and all pH’s. Ideal for foliar sprays (helping to increase effectiveness of other materials), clones and cuttings, bare-root dip, and seed activation. Also use in hydroponic applications and for biological stimulation. OMRI & OIM LISTED!

Why is Ful-Power important for my plants? Fulvic is a missing link in most growing systems, especially container and hydroponic gardening. Ful-Power is an ancient form of decayed organic matter that helps plants use nutrients and minerals more efficiently while also detoxifying the plant and soil.

How will my plants benefit from using Ful-Power? Expect to see greater root formation, increased nutrient absorption and healthier vines, turf and plants. You will also notice better tasting produce and longer lasting, more aromatic flowers. Ful-Power minimizes stress from environmental pressures, whether that be environmental stress or disease.

Will Ful-Power work with my favorite nutrient system? Ful-Power is compatible with all nutrients and helps with nutrient efficiency and uptake. Ful-Power is a true fulvic acid isolate. Our unique cold-microbial process (fermentation) creates a biostimulant that is free from nuisance chemicals and extractant agents, unlike products that are chemically extracted. It is more concentrated and effective than crude water-leached products. The fermentation also results in additional phytostimulants and plant beneficial enzymes. Because Ful-Power improves uptake, consider reducing your nutrient applications by 10-25%.

Does Ful-Power effect my pH? Because it is not chemically extracted, Ful-Power fulvic acid has little to no effect on your nutrient pH when diluted. In fact, it acts as a pH buffer and will not effect pH negatively.

Does Ful-Power effect my ppm? Because it is not chemically extracted, Ful-Power will not effect ppm in any noticeable way. This means you do not need to compensate for unwanted nutrient value and the product can be integrated into your existing program with ease.

Contains Non-Plant Food Ingredients………………0.06% humic acid.

Containers: 2 – 3- ml. per gallon
Garden/Compost Tea: 10 – 30 ml. per gallon
Hydroponics: 10 – 30 ml. per gallon
Foliar Sprays: 15 – 20 ml. per gallon
Cuttings/Clones: Spray cuttings and clones with 20 ml. per gallon every few days then water with 30 ml. per gallon once roots have initiated.




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