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Better-Gro Premium Grade Orchid Moss is ideal for use when repotting Cattleyas, Phalaenopsis, Oncidiums and Dendrobiums seedlings. This moss helps reduce shock during repotting, while also retaining moisture and inhibiting bacterial growth. The soft moss adds a handsome look to your orchids or ferns.

  • Ideal for use when repotting cattleyas, phalaenopsis, oncidiums and dendrobiums seedlings
  • Helps to retain moisture and inhibit bacterial growth
  • Reduces shock during repotting
  • Can also be used with ferns for enhanced growth
  • Soft and feathered appearance adds a handsome look
  • Retains moisture and nutrients; inhibits bacterial growth
  • Excellent for potting orchids, seedlings and lining baskets
  • Endorsed by the American Orchid Society

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