AgroLED Bloom LED Fixtures


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The AgroLED Sun 211 Sun 411 Bloom LED Fixtures offer lighting for the fruiting and flowering stages of plant life with 3 separate channels. Each channel 6,500°K, Red and Far Red are independently switched for simple operation. The Sun 211 produces over 11,200 lumens and 205.720 PPFD and the Sun 411 produces 21,700 lumens and 399.346 PPFD while delivering 660nm and Far Red light when all channels are on. The steel housing is powder-coated white for durability with louvers to ensure proper thermal management. The fixtures have flexible hanging options for vertical or horizontal positions with the included V-hangers. Includes 8 foot power cord and has daisy chain feature for multiple fixtures to be plugged together. If you need assistance in determining if this fixture is right for your set up give us a call and we will be happy to assist you!

211 = 2′ long with 11 LED strips

411 = 4′ long with 11 LED strips

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2', 4'


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