Grow Tray Lid 4′ X 4′


4 foot by 4 foot grow tray lid.

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Grow Tray Lid 4′ X 4′

These lids are sturdy high quality plastic, easy to clean, and affordable. Grow trays contain the mess and make moving and arranging your plants much more convenient. Outside dimension trays sit in the precise footprint that their name suggests and fit easily into all grow tents on the market. Propagation grow trays and flood tables are made from thick, durable, high-impact ABS which prevents the trays from bowing or sagging under the weight of large plants or full capacity water for years of continuous use. Thick, rigid, durable, and easy to clean with an edge that has been formed, reinforcing the tray and minimizing flexing. You can find everything from trays to tray stands to tray lids and ebb & flow packages at Saratoga Organics.

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