The Guano Company

Completely organic! The Guano Company custom blends some of the finest dry fertilizers and liquid nutrients — Budswel and Super Tea — known to man! All ingredients are specifically chosen for their known effects on fruiting and flowering plants. It’s organic! Liquid Budswel is derived from a special blend of bat and seabird guanos, earthworm castings and seaweed extract. Use as needed for superior crops and huge yields. Features:
• 100% organic
• No chemical or salt build-up
• Ideal for hydroponics and soil gardens
• Promotes extra large blooms and sweeter fruit
• An excellent food for ALL plants
Use for vigorous growth indoors and out! Super Tea by The Guano Company includes ALL the essential elements necessary for healthy plants. This powerful organic blend of Mexican bat guano, seabird guano, worm castings and soluble seaweed provides a delightfully nutritious meal for lettuce, spinach, seedlings, even azalea bushes. Great for the vegetative cycle of tomatoes, corn, peppers or eggplant.

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