Enzymes and Catalysts function as garden superchargers! Enzymes are protein based biological molecules. Much like catalysts, they facilitate reactions, although they are typically much more specific in their effects.

For the gardener, enzymes serve a number of valuable purposes. For example, they are often used to keep grow media in optimum condition, and so improve nutrient absorption. This is accomplished by converting dead roots into much needed carbohydrates and minerals before they become fuel for undesirable pathogens.

Beyond this, both enzymes and catalysts expedite numerous reactions responsible for hormone biosynthesis, and therefore positively impact plant growth, ripening, etc.

In addition to optimizing parameters associated with plant health, many enzyme based products make excellent natural non-toxic cleaners.

Interestingly, in the natural world, enzymes and catalysts are the product of microbial life. A number of products in this category actually bottle such biology, which goes on to produce the desired products once introduced to grow media. Most products in this category, however, deliver the catalysts and/or enzymes in “ready to go” form.

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