Roots Organics

Founded in Eugene, Oregon by a small group of dedicated nursery owners, Roots Organics is one of the highest regarded makers of organic nutrients and growing mediums for hydroponic systems and soil based gardens.Their commitment to sound sources, reliable results and outstanding quality control stand out in all of their products.
Roots organics are unique in their powerful organic blends. Utilizing optimized raw organic ingredients allows roots to interact perfectly with beneficial microorganisms, creating a string and rich symbiotic network at the root level and optimal nutrient uptake from roots to tips. For best results use with Roots Oregonism XL or your preferred biological innoculant. Since its initial inception, Aurora Innovations has been a different kind of manufacturing company. We started as a greenhouse supply and lighting manufacturer and from that field-oriented humble background our grass roots approach to product design was developed. As we grew and evolved as a company our real passion for potting soil and fertilizer gradually became our paramount driving ambition. To accomplish our goal of making the best soils and plant foods in the world we have gone on a mission to source the highest quality ingredients, some of the most talented minds, the most precise quality equipment and a superior, holistic approach to plant nutrition.

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