North Country Organics

North Country Organics was founded in 1983 with the concept that any type of agriculture or horticulture can be productive, successful, and more profitable without compromising the earth’s delicate eco-system with harmful chemicals. We at NCO have carefully researched many biological products and formulated a selection that we feel will benefit agricultural and horticultural industries the most.
Our products include a wide selection of:

  • Natural Fertilizers
  • Liquid Fertilizers And Bio-Stimulants
  • Pest Controls
  • Seed
  • Testing Services
  • Clearance Sales

Our customers include organic farmers, golf course operators, institutional grounds keepers, municipalities, and private individuals. NCO began in a 150 year old barn in Newbury, VT but within five years the heavy inventory grew to beyond the support of the old wooden beams. In 1988, it moved to a new location in Bradford, VT, with a cement floor and room for expansion, which it did over the years. In 2009, NCO’s storage facility is roughly ten times the size it was 20 years ago and there are plans for future development. North Country Organics took the long, rough route to success but earned a reputation for creating great products and providing the best available information for organic practitioners along the way.

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