Humboldt County’s Own, located in central Humboldt County, started out on a small ranch in the redwood forests of Northern California almost 25 years ago. Over time with the help of friends and neighbors it evolved into a business and pioneered the concept of high performance additives in the hydroponics industry.
We are unique.. What sets us apart from others in this industry is that we work closely with experienced Humboldt County growers to develop products that they want. As our reputation has grown over the years, we’ve developed a huge following of testers out in the hills who evaluate our concoctions and give us valuable feedback. With indoor growers running 5-6 cycles per year we can compress 5 years research into 1 year so we’ve taken hydroponics where no one has ever gone before. When our testers want to buy one of our concoctions over and over, then we register and distribute it. In other words:

We don’t tell you what to buy. You tell us what to sell.

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