Did you know that wars have been fought over guano? This may come as a surprise, but probably shouldn’t considering that it’s an exceptional 100% organic plant food. The primary value of guano is shared by many organic fertilizers. That is, it improves soil health by fostering microbial life, which in turn breaks down complex organic molecules into more plant friendly forms, and so improves soil fertility.

Despite needing the assistance of beneficial biology for maximum absorption, guano based products rival “chemical” fertilizers in their ready availability. Another similarity that such products share with synthetic fertilizers, is that some varieties are best suited for vegetative growth, while others are more appropriately used for floral production. The distinction arising due to the fact that some products boasts high nitrogen levels, while others are phosphorous rich.

Yet another important consideration, is that there are two sources of guano. Namely, bat and seabird, with the latter often times being more potent, and some claim a bit more environmentally friendly.

It has been reported that in addition to its starring role as plant food; guano may also improve soil structure, act as a fungicide, control nematodes, and serve as a compost activator. Anecdotally, guano has been reported to improve flower size, aromatic quality, taste, and oil production. No wonder then, that it is often called the king of organic fertilizers!

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