Celebrating its 15th year as a leading global manufacturer in the Hydroponic industry, Botanicare offers a comprehensive range of hydroponic products bringing the freedom and flexibility of growing-your-own to consumers around the world. Based in Chandler, Arizona Botanicare sells innovative leading brands including: Pure Blend Tea, Pure Blend Pro, CNS17, Power Series, Hydroplex, Liquid Karma, Sweet, Hydroguard, CAL-MAG, Clearex, Silica Blast, ZHO, Ready Gro, Cocogro, and a complete line of accessories, plastics and systems including Turbogarden and Microgarden. Botanicare manufactures a complete line of base nutrients for any growing style. Choose from Natural and Organic Based, Mineral based and OMRI listed products for both indoor and outdoor. Whether it’s an indoor hydroponic system or an outdoor container garden, we have a nutrient to fit your needs. Use supplements to take your plants to the next level. We offer supplements to help your plants perform at every stage of growth. Many of our products are designed specifically to correct the most common problems in hydroponic and soil gardening.

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